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  • Title(Kor)
    수중환경용 가압형 메탄올 연료프로세서의 최적운전 연구
  • Title(Eng)
    Optimal Operation Condition of Pressurized Methanol Fuel Processor for Underwater Environment
  • Keyword
    methanol(메탄올), reformer(개질기), fuel processor(연료프로세서), high pressure(고압), underwater(수중), optimal operation(최적운전)
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    Page. 485~493
  • Abstract(Eng)
  • Recently submarine and unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) are equipped with a fuel cell system as an air independent propulsion system. Methanol fuel processor can efficiently supply the hydrogen to the fuel cell system to improve the ability to dive. This study investigated the optimal conditions of the methanol fuel processor that may be used in the closed environment. For this purpose, the numerical model based on Gibbs minimization equation was established for steam reformer and three exhaust gas burners. After simulating the characteristics of steam reformer according to the steam-to-carbon ratio (SCR) and the pressure change, the SCR condition was able to narrow down to 1.1 to 1.5. Considering water consumption and the amount of heat recovered from three burners, the optimum condition of the SCR can be determined to be 1.5. Nevertheless, the additional heat supply is required to satisfy the heat balance of the methanol fuel processor in the SCR=1.5. In other to obtain additional amount of heat, the combustion of methanol is better than the increased of SCR in terms of system design.