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  • Title(Kor)
    음식물류 폐기물의 수소 발효 시 linear alkylbenzene sulfonate의 영향
  • Title(Eng)
    Effects of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate on Hydrogen Fermentation of Food Waste
  • Keyword
    Anaerobic H2 fermentation(혐기성 수소 발효), Food waste(음식물류 폐기물), Volatile fatty acids(휘발성 지방산), Linear alkylbenzene sulfonate(직쇄 알킬벤젠 술폰산염)
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    Page. 510~516
  • Abstract(Eng)
  • This study examines the effects of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate on hydrogen fermentation of food waste. The hydrogen production rate was similar with different linear alkylbenzen sulfonate (LAS) concentrations. The maximum hydrogen yield increased with increasing LAS concentration. The highest maximum hydrogen yield was 0.550 ± 0.005 mol H2/mol hexose at LAS for 5.52 mg/L. But the maximum hydrogen yield decreased above LAS for 11.05 mg/L. The concentration of acetate in control reactor was increased, but it decreased with increasing LAS concentration in other reactors.