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  • Title(Kor)
    국내 LPG 충전소 내 수소 융・복합충전소 구축 가능 부지 연구
  • Title(Eng)
    A Study on Site to Build Hydrogen Multi Energy Filling Station in Domestic LPG Station
  • Keyword
    Internal combustion engine vehicle(내연기관 자동차), EV(전기차), FCV (수소전기차), Hydrogen refueling station(수소충전소), Hydrogen multi energy filling station(수소융・복합충전소)
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    Page. 642-648
  • Abstract(Eng)
  • The use of fossil is causing enviromental all over the world. So hydrogen energy is attracting attention as one of the alternative. The government announced that 30% of the air pollution is because of the Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle. In addition, they plans to reduce Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles by 2030 and increase (electric vehicles, EV) or (fuel cell vehicle, FCV). The FCV is evaluated as a next-generation green car because it has a long driving distance and short charging time. However, the hydrogen industry is not able to expand due to the lack of refueling infrastrucutre. This paper predicts the site of hydrogen refueling stations for the expansion of the hydrogen industry and proposes a method to supply hydrogen multi energy filling stations.