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    상태방정식을 이용한 고압수소 저장을 위한 수소 열역학 물성 계산 및 비교
  • Title(Eng)
    Calculation and Comparison of Thermodynamic Properties of Hydrogen Using Equations of State for Compressed Hydrogen Storage
  • Keyword
    Compressed hydrogen(압축 수소), Equation of state(상태방정식), Enthalpy(엔탈피), Internal energy(내부에너지), Hydrogen density(수소 밀도)
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    Page. 184~193
  • Abstract(Eng)
  • One of the technical methods to increase the volumetric energy density of hydrogen is to pressurize the gaseous hydrogen and then contain it in a rigid vessel. Especially for automotive systems, the compressed hydrogen storage can be found in cars as well as at refueling stations. During the charging the pressurized hydrogen into a vessel, the temperature increases with the amount of stored hydrogen in the vessel. The temperature of the vessel should be controlled to be less than a limitation for ensure stability of material. Therefore, the accurate estimation of temperature is of significance for safely storing the hydrogen. In this work, three well-known cubic equations of state (EOSs) were adopted to examine the accuracy in regenerating thermodynamic properties of hydrogen within the temperature and pressure ranges for the compressed hydrogen storage. The formulations representing molar volume, internal energy, enthalpy, and entropy were derived for Redlich-Kwong (RK), Soave-Redlioch-Kwong (SRK), and Peng-Robinson (PR) EOSs. The calculated results using the EOSs were compared with literature data given by NIST. It was revealed that the accuracies of RK and SRK EOSs were satisfactorily compatible and better than the results by PR EOS.