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  • Title(Kor)
    Type 2 고압용기를 위한 금속선재의 Hoop Wrap에 관한 이론 연구
  • Title(Eng)
    Theoretical Study on Hoop Wrap of the Metal Wire for Type 2 High Pressure Tank
  • Keyword
    Type 2 high pressure tank (Type 2 고압용기), Hoop wrap(후프 권선), Metal wire(금속선재), Dry winding(건식 권선), Aligned(정렬), Staggered(엇갈림), Winding layers(권선층수)
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    Page. 194~201
  • Abstract(Eng)
  • Recently, Type 2 high-pressure hydrogen storage tank is studied due to fast defect detection, easy manufacturing, and cost efficiency. Moreover, the dry winding a high-strength metal wire will make increased economic efficiency compare with the wet winding method and the carbon/glass fiber winding method. In this study, a theoretical study on the dry winding of a Type 2 high pressure hydrogen tank using a metal wire was done, and the equations of the total stress on the aligned and the staggered winding for the hoop winding were derived, and the following results were obtained by using these equations. As the diameter of the metal wire, the number of winding layers, and the outer diameter of the liner increase, the maximum stress decreases, but the difference between the maximum stress occurring in the aligned winding and the staggered winding increases. As the pressure increases, the thickness of the winding layer increases, but as the strength of the metal wire increases, the thickness of the winding layer decreases. In addition, regardless of the strength of the metal wire, the thickness of the winding layer of the staggered winding was about 13.4% thinner than that of the aligned winding.