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  • Title(Kor)
    기존 가정용 보일러 및 신형 물분사 폐열회수 보일러에 대한 수소 연료의 평가
  • Title(Eng)
    Analysis of Hydrogen Fuel for Existing Domestic Boilers and New Heat Recovery Boilers with Water Spray
  • Keyword
    Hydrogen boiler(수소 보일러), Water spray(물분사), Heat recovery boiler(폐열회수 보일러), Chain-block analysis(체인 블록 해석), High efficiency(고효율), Low NOx emission(저공해)
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    Page. 201~222
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  • Hydrogen is evaluated as one of new energy sources that can overcome the limitations and pollution problems of conventional fossil fuels. Although hydrogen is free from CO2, attention is required in NOx emission and flame stability in order to use hydrogen in existing gas fuel system. This study investigates the differences in operating characteristics and its problems to be modified when the hydrogen is used as fuel for existing domestic boilers and new heat recover boilers with water spray. When the hydrogen is used in domestic boilers, the efficiency is about 6―7% lower than methane due to higher partial vapor pressure in the exhaust gas at usual operating conditions above 60℃ in combustion chamber outlet temperature. On the other hand, the heat recovery boiler with water spray (HR-B/WS-X) is expected to achieve up to 95% efficiency, which is 12% more efficient than conventional boilers. It can also significantly reduce NOx emission by lowering the flame temperature.