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  • Title(Kor)
    저농도 바이오알코올 혼합 연료가 스파크 점화 엔진 차량의 연비 및 배출가스에 미치는 영향
  • Title(Eng)
    Influence of Low Level Bio-Alcohol Fuels on Fuel Economy and Emissions in Spark Ignition Engine Vehicles
  • Keyword
    Bio-alcohol(바이오알코올), Bio-ethanol(바이오에탄올), Bio-butanol(바이오부탄올), Fuel economy(연비), Emission(배출가스), Spark ignition engine (가솔린 기관), Particle number(입자 개수)
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    Page. 250~258
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  • This study was conducted to analyze the impact of low level bio-alcohols that can be applied without modification of vehicles to improve air quality in Korea. The emissions and fuel economy of low level bio-alcohols mixed gasoline fuels of spark ignition vehicles, which are direct injection and port fuel injection, were studied in this paper. As a result of the evaluation, the particle number (PN) was reduced in all evaluation fuels compared to the sub octane gasoline without oxygen, but the correlation with the PN due to the increase in the oxygen content was not clear. In the CVS-75 mode, emitted CO tended to decrease compared to sub octane gasoline, but no significant correlation was found between NMHC, NOx and fuel economy. In addition, it was found that the aldehyde increased in the oxygenated fuel, and there was no difference in terms of the amount of aldehyde generated among a series of bio-alcohol mixed fuels.