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  • Title(Kor)
    메탄, 에틸렌 및 프로판 냉매를 활용한 다원 냉동 사이클에서 LNG 냉열을 활용한 동력 절감 방안에 대한 연구
  • Title(Eng)
    A Study on the Power Saving with the Use of LNG Cold Heat in a Cascade Refrigeration Cycle using Methane, Ethylene and Propylene as Refrigerants
  • Keyword
    Cascade refrigeration(다원 냉동), LNG cold heat (LNG 냉열), Refrigerants(냉매), Computer simulation(전산모사)
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    Page. 302~306
  • Abstract(Eng)
  • In this study, computer simulation works using PRO/II with PROVISION V10.2 have been performed for a cascade refrigeration cycle using methane, ethylene and propane as refrigerants. LNG cold heat was also utilized in order to save the compression powers for the ethylene and propane refrigeration cycles. It was concluded that about 77% of compression power can be saved by using LNG cold heat through the exchanging heat with refrigerants. We could also know that the cold heat price contained in 1 ton of LNG is 16,155 won.