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  • Title(Kor)
    3.9 리터 기계식 디젤 엔진을 이용한 DME 엔진 개발 연구
  • Title(Eng)
    Development of DME Engine Using 3.9 Liter Diesel Engine with Mechanical Type Fuel System
  • Keyword
    DME(디엠이), Engine(엔진), Fuel(연료), Alternative fuel(대체연료), Mechanical type fuel system(기계식 연료장치)
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    Page. 307~313
  • Abstract(Eng)
  • The 3.9 liter diesel engine with a mechanical fuel injection system was converted to di-methyl ether (DME) engine and performance optimized. In order to switch to the DME engine, the plunger of the high pressure fuel pump was replaced and the diameter of the injector nozzle was increased. Through this, the disadvantage of DME having low calorific value per volume can be compensated. To optimize the performance, the number of injector nozzle holes, injector opening pressure, and fuel injection timing were changed. As a result, the optimum number of injector nozzle holes was 5, the injector opening pressure was from 15 MPa to 18 MPa, and the injection timing was 15 crank angle degree before top dead center (CAD BTDC). The power was at the same level as the base diesel engine and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions could be reduced.