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  • Title(Kor)
    수소 잔존 용량에 따른 수소 탱크 충전 시간 및 온도 변화 예측
  • Title(Eng)
    Prediction of Changes in Filling Time and Temperature of Hydrogen Tank According to SOC of Hydrogen
  • Keyword
    Hydrogen(수소), Numerical analysis(수치해석), SOC(잔존 용량), Temperature(온도), Pressure(압력), Filling time(충전 시간)
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    Page. 345~350
  • Abstract(Eng)
  • Hydrogen is an green energy without pollution. Recently, fuel cell electric vehicle has been commercialized, and many studies have been conducted on hydrogen tanks for vehicles. The hydrogen tank for vehicles can be charged up to 70 MPa pressure. In this study, the change in filling time, pressure, and temperature for each hydrogen level in a 59 L hydrogen tank was predicted by numerical analysis. The injected hydrogen has the properties of real gas, the temperature is -40℃, and the mass flow rate is injected into the tank at 35 g/s. The initial tank internal temperature is 25℃. Realizable k-epsilon turbulence model was used for numerical analysis. As a result of numerical analysis, it was predicted that the temperature, charging time, and the mass of injected hydrogen increased as the residual capacity of hydrogen is smaller.