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  • Title(Kor)
    내연기관엔진의 가스혼소발전 경제성 예측모델 개발
  • Title(Eng)
    Development of Economic Prediction Model for Internal Combustion Engine by Dual Fuel Generation
  • Keyword
    Internal combustion engine(내연기관), Dual fuel(혼소발전), Liquefied natural gas(천연가스), Diesel engine(디젤엔진), Economic prediction(경제성 예측)
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    Page. 380~386
  • Abstract(Eng)
  • This paper represents an analysis of the economic impact of firing natural gas/diesel and natural gas/by-product oil mixtures in diesel engine power plants. The objects of analysis is a power plant with electricity generation capacity (300 kW). Using performance data of original diesel engines, the fuel consumption characteristics of the duel fuel engines were simulated. Then, economic assessment was carried out using the performance data and the net present value method. A special focus was given to the evaluation of fuel cost saving when firing natural gas/diesel and natural gas/by-product oil mixtures instead of the pure diesel firing case. Analyses were performed by assuming fuel price changes in the market as well as by using current prices. The analysis results showed that co-firing of natural gas/diesel and natural gas/by-product oil would provide considerable fuel cost saving, leading to meaningful economic benefits